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bathroom design

Your “room with a bath" should be a peaceful and private room in your house where you can go to take a calming shower or bubble bath after  your long daily routine. You spend more time in your bathroom than you  even realize. You use your bathroom to prepare for your day and unwind at night. Well designed bathrooms are beautiful, durable and highly functional with space-saving storage cabinets, mirrors and furniture.  Mixing and matching materials can transform a relaxing, practical space into a glamorous private spot with basic components such as bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. Remodeling or redecorating your bathroom can add value to the property.

kitchen design

Sometimes referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food and can also be used to entertain guests or act as the hub of family life.  As technology advances, so do kitchens’ design and efficiency. The introduction of the kitchen island has lent more flexibility to the positioning of kitchen cabinets and kitchen sinks, and helped make open kitchens a reality. By selecting a proper countertop, cabinets, and appliance style, you will be able to plan a kitchen design that will look great and maximize the amount of  available storage space.

kids room design

Just like adults, kids need to have a room that is all their own - something representative of who they are and what they enjoy. With design aesthetics that many adults would use in their own rooms, children’s/pre-teens spaces are starting to express their individuality and style. Nowadays, kids are more aware of design at an earlier age when they can discover their own potential and experience the world in a wonderfully free way. Whether you are decorating a nursery for your first child or you have a son or daughter who is ready for a big boy or big girl bedroom, create a comfortable environment with a theme from traditional to tech savvy and sophisticated.