hospitality projects

LOFT Hotel

Home to the famous Pepsi-Cola sign that looks back at Manhattan over the East River, Long Island City is sometimes thought of as an extension of Midtown Manhattan with a many residents commuting daily via the 7 train. With new luxury developments such as L Haus, The Foundy at Hunters Point, and The View dotting the landscape, Long Island City is a quickly becoming a force in the New York residential scene with residents drawn to it's eclectic art venues, bars, and restaurants. One of the most rapidly developing neighborhoods in New York, the Long Island City skyline is a testament to contemporary style and modern living.

PCI Auditorium

An auditorium design for "Polish Cultural Institute" located Lower East Side. This state-of-the-art venue seamlessly blends modern technology, sophistication and a touch of making it the ultimate space to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatre, music, movie screening, conferences, presentations, panel discussions, and family-friendly events. Fully equipped with the latest projection, lighting, and audio systems, the Auditorium can accommodate a broad range of programming that caters to both children and adults. Auditorium can seat 124 people with lots of legroom & was design to enhance Polish Culture to other nationalities living in NYC.

SoHo GreenHouse

SoHo glasshouse restaurant is not a building in which plants are grown but freshly collect from farmers market served to the table. These structures range is 16 feet in size from and was design to reminisce an sheds or industrial-sized building’s interior. Incoming visible solar radiation (for which the glass is transparent) from the sun is absorbed by restaurant guests. Adjacent to restaurant tables we build a 20 foot bar and there is an entrance to the art gallery directly from the eatery.