retail projects

Health Food Store

The term health food has been used since the 1920s to refer to specific foods claimed to be especially beneficial to health, although the term has no official definition. Some terms that are associated with health food are macrobiotics, natural foods, organic foods and whole foods. Macrobiotics is a diet focusing primarily on whole cereals. Whole cereals have their fiber, germ and hull intact and are considered more nutritious. Natural foods are simply foods that contain no artificial ingredients. Organic foods are foods that are grown without the use of conventional and artificial pesticides and must meet certain organic standards.

Depart. Store Tokyo

Conceptual design for the Department store in Tokyo/Japan with close Yuki Ota collaboration. A retail establishment with a building open to the public which offers a wide range of consumer goods such as clothing, housewares, furniture and appliances. It typically offers a choice of multiple merchandise lines, at variable price points, in different product categories. Department stores usually sell products including clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, cosmetics, gardening, toiletries, sporting goods, do it yourself, paint and hardware and additionally select other lines of products such as food, books, jewelry, electronics, stationery, photographic equipment and baby and pet needs.

Press Caffee

Conceptual design for the Press Caffee NYC to redesign old look and bring new ideas for fresh dough pressed into tortillas w/all kinds of fresh veggies, choice of meat and various dressings. Press was designed with your neighborhood in mind and believe that a quick service restaurant does not have to look like one. Committed to being your first choice in local eateries and growing with the community.