Furniture Selection

Understanding our clients’ lives and needs as well as the location and function of the site that we are working on is the guiding principles of our design work. We are completely involved with our clients’ aesthetics and directives. This enables us to create a comfortable and expressive environment that encourages creativity. In reality, a vital part of a successful project is a collaborative designer - client relationship with surprising results.

Quba Design keeps in mind the elegance and high style of the new interior space while designing every last detail for the best result. The Designs mix old and new – finding the balance and emphasizing form, material, texture, color, light, volume and proportion.

As each new project is presented to us, we respond to the client’s input in an innovative, creative way. Discovering flexibility and life span of the structure is essential to the interior-design-concept & interior design process.

The Following Work Involved:
- Consider the needs of the individual or company that hires us.
- Blend aesthetics, or the look and feel of a place, with functionality and use of a space.
- Know building codes, examine the space which requires design, determine whether building permits and approvals are required for work involved.
- Follow through with concepts, provide drawings and use architectural programs.
- Developed relationships with other people in the construction and design profession helping the client in terms of furniture, fabric, paint colors, lighting, art, etc.
- Ensure that the service is completed on time, on budget and to our client's satisfaction.
- Follow up with purchasing, ordering, scheduling and installation.
- Have good listening skills, prioritize the client’s needs.